Annie Coutu – Producer


Annie Coutu, independent filmmaker having family and company in Gatineau (Quebec), was born in Rouyn Noranda on April 16, 1972. Annie was awarded first prize for an advertisement concept in 1990 when she directed on live radio and in front of an audience her advertisement. In 1999, she decided to take a chance by directing her own script called From A Distance which was broadcasted on local stations. Loving the experience but wishing to further her skills of the industry, she received via e-mail her answer : the Hollywood Film Festival.
Back from the festival, Annie directed a documentary in the series Lignes de vie about cancer and nutrition which was broadcasted on Canal Vie and TFO.
Afterwards, Annie decided to tackle on her big project: Unexpected. To do this, she started her own production company, Aïsha Productions, and in June 2000, she invested everything she had to start the action. She would present her world premiere on September 14, 2001 in Toronto where she won the Indie Spirit Award – award given simultaneously to both the movie and filmmaker. After having traveled a lot, the movie found itself in nomination in the 2003 IFCT, an international competition where the movie traveled around the world and was nominated for Best International Film.
Since then she worked on many documentaries including A Woman’s Passion, directed Femmes De Pouvoir in the series Ça Clique which was broadcasted on APTN, Rouler vers l’autonomie which was done with disabled people for which she received an award for her implication in the community. Her film Rewrite your life also received the honourable mention in NYC. Her two lastest documentaries, Retrouvailles and Célébrons la présence aux coeurs de nos vies, will be screened in 2011.
With a real passion for the music, Annie has worked on the series Le Garage to select the next super star and did an experimental video with Efea and as well as R&B with Le Son De L’Afro and Je Danse La Vie.
She has worked on feature film projects like Scare Farm, Teachers Crime and Dead at 17 as well as Metal Tornado. In 2010, she released as a director the TV series Les trésors de la Petite-Nation.
She is now taking her passion to a new level. She finds that a good way to change the world is by choosing projects that reflect her engagements: family, environmental issues, complexity of the human being like a fish story and recently Les heures blanches co-prod with France and also The Hero, Manoir aux sortillèges and Mathias are some of the feature films on which she is working on.