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Moondance International Film Festival

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One Man’s Journey Into The Heart Of Filmmaking

By Greg Simay - On September 12, 2013 A chance encounter launches a story whose ending was unknown until the final minutes of the Burbank international Film festival (BIFF)… FADE IN Act I. The Screenplay In 1985, a young man’s father had just finished building a lakeside cabin in the Canadian woods. It was to be a family retreat, soon to be filled with fish stories and laughter after long summer days on the lake. Then, on the eve of the grand opening, cancer claimed his life. The young man was SAM ROBERTS, in his early twenties, who was still trying to find his way. He was barte[...]

Time is the Best Catch in Sam Roberts' Film, 'a fish story'

Written by - Mary DeBerry Sep 3, 2013 It happens whenever we lose a beloved relative, when our children grow up, or even when we've lost touch with a good friend. We wish we had more time. More time to see that person, time to enjoy or build the relationship, time to say the things we always wanted to. But it is something we can never recover. In producer/writer/actor Sam Roberts' touching feature film, "A Fish Story", one man actually gets that gift. Set in the rugged wilderness of northern Maine, "A Fish Story" is about a devoted dad, Nick Stern (played by Sam Roberts), who is tragi[...]

Nomadic Bard - 'a fish story'

2013/05/31 This third installment of movies-to-watch-for is about “a fish story”. This wonderful tale describes how a family’s love overcomes all obstacles, even death. The movie explores the family dynamics between siblings, husband and wife, parents and children, and how each relationship is tested by grief, loss, and reconciliation. I walked into the screening about 10 minutes into the film, without knowing what I was watching. I attempted to watch each film at IFFF without bias. In other words, I went into each screening without reading any of the synopses or any other available info[...]

Nothing Fishy About This Story

Posted on January 10, 2012 by balleehoo I had breakfast with my friend Sam Roberts recently. You might have a connection to Sam without really knowing it…..Sam’s had a long career as a voice over talent…..working for numerous networks, advertisers and radio stations to communicate their messages with his unique style, pace and inflections. Take a listen….. …. recognize the voice? I admire Sam for a slew of reasons….he’s unyielding in his consistency when it comes to integrity, honesty, friendship, positive energy and generosity. A more solid du[...]

Lac-Sainte-Marie fait son cinema

JUSTINE MERCIER - Le Droit La défunte station-service de Lac-Sainte-Marie est devenue un magasin général. De faux rochers en styromousse ont été installés dans le lac. Ça fourmille un peu partout sur l'eau, au village et aux abords des chalets, alors que la municipalité de la Haute-Gatineau accueille le tournage d'une production de 4,5 millions $, ‘a fish story’. Au beau milieu du lac, mercredi, on tournait une scène d'accident. Un petit bateau devait percuter de plein fouet des rochers, pour ensuite exploser sous la force de l'impact pendant que son occupant sauvait sa peau en sautant à[...]

‘a fish story’ lures film crew to shooting locations in Chelsea and Wakefield, Quebec

There’s something fishy going on in the Gatineau Hills – in Wakefield and Chelsea, Quebec at La Vallee Restaurant, which was closed for the day Aug. 15 and the Wakefield Express, to be part of more action on Aug. 26. That’s because these locales, among others in the area, have been picked as locations in the shooting of a movie – called “a fish story” – budgeted to cost $4.9 million. La Vallee owner Dan Faasen said the movie crew spent an entire day filming about 10 scenes at his Hwy 105 restaurant. The production companies paid for most of the lost business day and purchased food to make up f[...]