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Born in Montreal and raised in New York, Matt is the son of two actors and has known only the worlds of stage and films his entire life. ‘a fish story’ marks his directorial feature film debut. A proud member of both the Director’s Guild of America [2003] and the Director’s Guild of Canada [1996], he has participated in the making of over 150 films and 2,500 hours of episodic television in his capacities as an actor, stunt performer, stunt coordinator, and 2nd Unit Director. He is most proud of his long working association with the legendary George A. Romero who he’s collaborated with si[...]

Director's Thoughts

Somehow, a late loved one's spirit is always with us and, if the lives we've lived are the main course, our memories may just be the sweet desert. That idea alone brings me some sort of whimsy, as opposed to sadness when I think of my own departed mother. On the other hand, love can bring us to put on the old rose-colored glasses when we reminisce. But when faced with the memory of a passed parent, or anyone very close to us, we very often wonder aloud, "I wonder what Mom would think?" or "Dad would've loved to have been here for this!" I think we find it compelling and magical, the possibi[...]